5 Ways to Make Your Open House Graduation Party Stand Out

Pomp and circumstance is in the air, and MCL Catering would like to congratulate all of the recent and soon-to-be graduates! Though kindergarten and eighth grade graduation are certainly accomplishments, high school and college graduates take the cake for the biggest bashes — and probably the most fun parties. But how do you make your (or your son/daughter/sibling's) party stand out? Read on for tips!

1. Pick a Unique Location

To instantly make a graduation party stand out, take the party somewhere else! If weather permits, take the party outside to a popular park. If you prefer to leave it inside, try a locally owned restaurant or brewery (for a 21+ crowd, of course). 

2. Serve Awesome Food and Drinks

Finger foods for easy eating. 

Finger foods for easy eating. 

This can be tricky – everyone wants to enjoy the party, but someone has to whip up crowd-pleasing appetizers and other delicious food. And you can’t forget the dessert. To make things simpler, pick a theme and stick with it — think BBQ, Mexican, or classic burgers and hot dogs. Food and drinks can also be a great way to showcase the grad’s heritage. 

Just don’t try to do everything. Again, a theme is a nice way to keep things simple. And of course, if you’d really prefer to have refreshments out of your hands, hire a caterer. 

3. Play Great Music

From weddings to corporate events, we think background music is only a smidgen below awesome food on the importance scale. Great music sets the tone and ambiance for any event.

Mix tapes are in again, so ask guests to contribute songs that remind them of the grad. A DJ would take one more item off your plate, but a live band would take things to the next level of liveliness. 

Giant Jenga. 

Giant Jenga. 

4. Interactive Entertainment

Who says photo booths are just for weddings? Capture these important moments with your friends and classmates by renting a booth for the party. It’ll keep guests entertained, and will give them something to take home. Set up different game stations – giant Jenga, anyone? – and perhaps even classic yard games, such badminton, croquet, and boccee ball. Keep games light and fun, so that they’re sure to conjure up some laughs, and keep people up and moving. 


5. And Last but Not Least – Invite Your Best People!

In the Midwest we sometimes call our graduation party an “open house” because we open our doors for all of our friends, family and classmates to come and go as they please — especially since you and other classmates are likely holding your parties around the same time. What better time to bring together your loved ones, than to celebrate such an accomplishment? 

Send out customized invitations plenty of time in advance, to ensure that you have a nice crowd.

You Did It!

Congratulations again on this milestone. How will you be celebrating graduation season this year? Leave a comment below to share, or contact us directly to get started on planning your own party.