How to Host a Corporate Open House

Whether your company has recently moved to a new location or remodeled its existing one, hosting an open house is a fun way to show off your space to clients, friends and family. It’ll take a bit of work to successfully throw a memorable open house, so read on for advice on getting started! 

Divide and Conquer

Planning an event of this level of importance is a huge feat for just one person, so recruit at least two or three of your coworkers. Does someone consider himself or herself a beer connoisseur? Put them in charge of drinks. Is someone else interested in interior design? Give them a budget for centerpieces, a welcoming display and any other needed decor.    

Other tasks that can be divvied up among volunteers include ordering food, scoping out entertainment, organizing gift bags, and creating and sending out invitations. 

Picking a Date

It may be a little challenging – depending particularly on the size of your company – but try to choose a date that works for most people. Choose a date at least two months out to give everyone plenty of notice. Two months also allows for ample time to compile a guest list, send out invitations, and complete other preparations.

A couple of helpful tips: avoid summer and give yourself enough time! Summertime is vacation time, and navigating around everyone’s time off is guaranteed headache. Also, don't think that you have to host the open house immediately after moving in; contrarily, aim for six to nine months after the move or renovations are completed. 

Hire a Caterer

Pick-up or full service – catering the food for your open house is a no-brainer. At MCL Catering, we make food (and drinks, if you want) the easiest item to check off of your to-do list.

With full service catering, we'll treat you to a menu tasting and help select the best homemade dishes for your occasion. On the day of, we'll show up in our polished MCL Catering van to set up the spread. Our professionally dressed wait staff can pass hor d'oeuvres and make sure that your food spread is always stocked. After the event, we'll clean up and leave your area cleaner than when we arrived. 

If you prefer more of a hands-on experience, place your catering order, and pick it up at your convenience or have it delivered. 


Creole chicken with black bean and corn salsa. 

Creole chicken with black bean and corn salsa. 

Red velvet and vanilla cupcakes.

Red velvet and vanilla cupcakes.

Finger foods, including a mini Reuben sandwich.    

Finger foods, including a mini Reuben sandwich.


Fruit, cheese and crackers display.  Photos by  Amelia Morris .  

Fruit, cheese and crackers display.
Photos by Amelia Morris. 

Have an Entertainment Plan

Music is the way to go with an open house. It adds to ambiance while still allowing people to chat and mingle. If you have a speaker system, create a Spotify or iTunes playlist to play. Otherwise, hire a DJ who comes equipped with his or her own sound system, or book a band.

Also, it’s easy for everyone to congregate in the same area.  Consider a building-wide scavenger hunt that will encourage guests to move around and tour the space.

Finally, don't forget the brand swag! Send guests home with a coffee mug, tote or t-shirt with your logo on it. 

Need More Help?

MCL Catering offers full event planning services in addition to catering. To get more information or advice on planning your company's corporate open house, contact us today!