Going Vogue: Summer Wedding Trends

Though mid to late spring generally takes the cake for “Most Popular Wedding Season” more and more couples are opting for summer weddings in late June through September. From more predictable weather (in most of the Midwest, at least!) to greater travel flexibility for guests, summertime could be the perfect time to get hitched. But to set the tone, there are trends to consider – we’re going to take a look at two major players: attire and food! 

The Duchess of Cambridge's gown was classic meets modern.  // People.com

The Duchess of Cambridge's gown was classic meets modern.  // People.com

Wedding Attire Trends

For the Bride

An imperative piece to the wedding puzzle for many brides is the dress. The latest wedding dress trends for the fashion-forward bride include peplum-style dresses and pastel colored gowns. Though, when opting for a mod dress, don’t overdo it – pick one trend or risk a busy or overwhelming look.

For the more traditional bride who is looking to make a statement, lace is the perfect solution.  There are a variety of options – from a fully laced bodice to lace cap sleeves – for incorporating this trendy yet classic look.


For the Groom and Groomsmen

Black-tie soiree or morning brunch, the groom’s appearance is just as important as the bride’s.  For a summer wedding, the groom should be dressed coolly and comfortably. Many tux vendors are more commonly offering ultra lightweight wools that provide the classic, aesthetic appeal of a tux but with a higher level of comfort.

For a modern look, grooms should choose a slim fit tux – one that is cut closer to the body, and in most cases, has a skinnier lapel. 

For the Bridesmaids

It used to be said that bridesmaids dressed in the same gown, in the same color as to not detract from the bride’s attention. But now that that silly adage is out the door, more and more brides are letting their bridal party express themselves with different colored dresses (in the same scheme, of course – think ombre), hairstyles, shoes and jewelry.   

Ombre bridesmaids dresses // Lucky Heart Photography

Ombre bridesmaids dresses // Lucky Heart Photography

If having the girls in one color is critical for a bride, she should consider letting bridesmaids choose a dress to fit her individual style and body type.

Wedding Food Trends

Fresh Fare

Two words come to mind for the au courant couple – local and fresh. Made-from-scratch meals with local ingredients are the way to go in 2013. As luck would have it, these ideologies speak perfectly to MCL Catering.

The reception and its meal are a way of thanking your guests for sharing in your special day and witnessing your new union. They should be treated to fare that is delicious, fresh and filling. 

Hors d'oeuvres - fresh, local. 

Hors d'oeuvres - fresh, local. 

The menu will vary depending on preference of service style. Seated, plated meals always present a sophisticated mood – a perfect way to serve dishes such as our Chicken Oscar, a lightly seasoned baked chicken breast with crab meat and hollandaise sauce, served on sprigs of steamed asparagus. For a more relaxed and fun setting, consider multiple food stations with miniature potions.

Delightful Drinks

A stylish couple is one that knows to treat their guests with plenty of refreshments. While a full open bar can run up budgets for some couples, there are ways around it.

At MCL Catering, we offer a variety of bar packages: full open bar, cash bar, split bar. The latter is often a great compromise – the hosts will cover, for example, beer and wine, while guests may purchase their own mixed drinks.

Another great tip is to offer a signature drink. Explore your mixology skills by infusing classic ingredients with summer ones – think champagne infused with lavender and berries.

‘Tis the Season

Winter, spring, fall or summer – the most important factor in wedding planning is to enjoy the process! That means finding vendors who fit your personality and will listen to your needs.

To speak with an MCL Catering specialist, please contact your nearest location or request a quote.