What You Need to Know About Save the Date Announcements

We're just on the cusp of wedding season now, so it’s not unlikely that you have a fridge covered in save the dates. In the Facebook-age, engagement announcements are all over our social media feeds rather than in the newspapers, as with previous generations. But sending out save the dates – usually five months to a year out – is a way to announce your chosen wedding date to those most important to you.

Should We Send Out Save the Dates?

Simple and cute.

Simple and cute.

There are two instances in which a couple should definitely consider save the dates. One is when the wedding will take place over a holiday weekend – Memorial Day and Labor Day are always popular wedding weekends. Travel prices are higher around the holidays, so giving guests a big heads up will help them plan for the trip.

Another situation that would benefit from save the dates is when many guests are coming from out of town (also, destination weddings). The same idea mentioned above applies: guests will appreciate more time to organize flights and other accommodations.

As save the dates become more common in the wedding process, you don’t always need an excuse to use them. Sometimes we just want to share the news as soon as we’ve decided on a date – or show off those beautiful engagement photos! 

What Goes on a Save the Date Announcement?

The most critical part of the announcement is, of course, the wedding date! It’s helpful to include the city where the nuptials will take place, as well as a simple sentence letting the recipient know that a formal invitation will follow. If you’ve created a wedding website, include the URL.  

How Do I Make a Save the Date?

A creative take on a Brangelina movie post.

A creative take on a Brangelina movie post.

These announcements can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer.  Save the date videos are growing in popularity, but most of the time, a good old postcard will do the trick. 

Whether your skills go as far as Photoshop, or you stick to Word, superimposing an engagement photo is a nice and easy way to personalize a save the date. To dress it up a little, print the final product onto magnet sheets, which you can find on Amazon or any office supplies or craft store.

Pinterest is full of DIY ideas, but nearly all stationery and invitation makers and websites carry templates.

Other Tips to Know 


If you want the added touch of a save the date, but are on a budget, make postcards! You can still include a beautiful photo and the details, but you’ll save on envelopes and more importantly, postage. 


If you’re an etiquette follower, you do not want to include registry information on this piece of correspondence – let your friends and relatives spread that news. Also, only send save the date announcements to folks you are certain will be invited to the wedding.  

What’s Your Take?

Do you think save the dates are necessary? Or do you have any tips of your own? Please comment and let us know what you think!