Testimonials & After-Dinner Speeches

(A few short comments from actual MCL Catering customers.) 


"The web brochure was very clear and made it easy to call in my order."

"The ordering process was excellent. I did not have to wait on hold for a manager, as he was quickly available. Jason was very helpful in deciding what would be best for us and he gave good descriptions of the food."

"Everyone was very friendly and my order was all ready to go right at the exact time I said I would be there to pick it up. It was nice and easy to get my order picked up and loaded."


"I was impressed with the packaging. I did not expect the food to be boxed so tightly and sealed so well. I was relieved that I did not have to worry about traveling with the food."

"It was very easy to serve. I appreciated the packaging and inclusion of serving utensils."

"I did not realize how easy it makes setting up food for a group! Everything I needed was included."

"The serving dishes were good quality, which was very nice since we had so many little kids around. There was no chance of spillage from flimsy dishes."

"Overall, the packaging was great."

"The packaging was amazing. Absolutely nothing spilled"

"I was impressed by how organized and well packaged my meals were. It was a strong box, and I felt confident that the food would not leak through it. It was an attractive way of packaging the food."

"Nothing spilled or was messy at all and it was easy to serve. It was all very nicely done, easy and clean! Everything I needed for the meal, right down to the butter, was packaged for me and ready when I arrived."


"The food stayed hot for two hours before we ate. I was very impressed with the fact that the packaging kept the food hot for so long."

"I have never had anything catered before, but I can say the food was excellent. Everyone loved it. Also, there was more than enough food to go around."


"I thought the food was a good value for the price. There was a lot and the quality was very good."

"We got a lot of food for the price. It was much better quality than what I would get at a fast food restaurant, and the price was comparable for the number of people it fed."